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Fiendishly Fabulous Facts

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    The Big Bang Theory is one of those shows that people love to shit on, a popular complain about the show is that the writers try to shoehorn in references to geek culture to score cheap laughs. While this may be true, in defence of the show, it does have one of the most subtle and nerdy […]

    The post The Easter Egg in ‘The Big Bang Theory’ Nobody Noticed appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    As we’ve discussed before, when brands pay for product placement in a movie or TV show they will usually micromanage the shit out of every moment it’s on-screen to ensure it’s never portrayed in a remotely negative way. Lamborghini apparently don’t give one wheezing protein fart about that sort of thing since they had no qualms about […]

    The post Lamborghini Gave Marvel a $200,000 Supercar Just so They Could Destroy it appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Warner Bros famously spent literally millions of dollars trying to CGI a moustache off of Henry Cavill’s face for Justice League only to ended up making the Man of Tomorrow look like his face was melting in every other scene. A fact that is kind of hilarious considering Warner Bros openly admitted it would have been easier to […]

    The post Superman almost had a beard in Justice League appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Considering that the first Iron Man movie effectively launched the most successful series of films in human history, you’d think Marvel would have spent so much time polishing the script it could be seen from fucking orbit. However, according to Jeff Bridges, the whole film was a rushed mess he can’t believe actually ended up being a […]

    The post Iron Man didn’t have a script appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    With the odd rare exception, most superheroes will try to differentiate themselves from their superhero alter ego when they’re not in costume. Batman pretends to be a lazy playboy, Superman assumes the identity of a clumsy dumbass and the Flash is always late. Yes, the fastest man on Earth throws people off of his scent […]

    The post The Flash Has The Best Method of Hiding His Secret Identity appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Charles Schulz is a man whose ghost is currently sat on a solid gold heaven-throne shaped like Snoopy given to him by God himself for creating a comic that was just so darn adorable. While Schulz loved the comic and the characters it contained, he reportedly hated the name Peanuts.  Why? Well the story goes Schulz’s outright hostility […]

    The post The creator of Peanuts hated the name Peanuts appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Frieza is arguably the best known villain of the Dragon Ball series, an impressive feat considering he looks and acts like a dildo. According to Frieza’s creator, Akira Toriyama, the diminutive villain was partially inspired by two seemingly contrasting things, monsters and dipshits in suits.  In interviews about the chracter, Toriyama has stated that Frieza’s various […]

    The post Frieza Was Inspired by Real Estate Speculators appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    With the Deadpool movie right around the corner, interest in the merc with a mouth has never been higher, so today we’re going to talk about how most every hero and villain in the Marvel universe is afraid of fighting Deadpool because he’s just that much of an unpredictable badass.  Boasting a healing factor stronger […]

    The post Everyone is Scared of Deadpool appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    With the Marvel universe there exist a hierarchy or sorts ranking various heroes against one another in terms of their ability to detonate human skulls with their mind or suplex large trucks. Ignoring celestial beings with untapped control over space/time arguably the strongest character in all of Marvel canon is one Fox inexplicably decided to […]

    The post That time Fox killed off Marvel’s most powerful mutant appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Scoring a Batman movie is tough because no matter how much effort you put into creating a memorable, unique soundtrack, it’s never going to be as good as the theme from the 60’s era Adam West show. That said, Hans Zimmer sure as shit tried to cram in as many Easter eggs as he could […]

    The post The Stupid Easter Eggs Hidden in the Nolan Batman Trilogy Soundtrack appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    When it comes to technically impressive movies, they don’t come more technical or impressive than The Incredibles, we mean, come on, it’s got the word “incredible” right there in it. Few people realise though what an absolute nightmare some of the characters were to animate though, for example, for a while, they didn’t even know […]

    The post Violet’s Hair Was the Most Difficult Thing to Animate in The Incredibles appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    Daredevil is a Marvel street-level hero once described by Captain America as “a blind guy with the superpower to see”. When it came to portraying him on screen, Charlie Cox decided to go the Daniel Day-Lewis route and literally blinded himself with special contact lenses.  If you’ve never seen Daredevil, in the show Cox portrays Matthew Murdock, a […]

    The post Charlie Cox blinded himself to play Daredevil appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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    The DC Extended Universe is the commonly accepted term used to describe the series of intersecting comic book movies released by Warner Bros. Despite the term being widely used by both the media and fans of films centred around DC’s legendary roster of comic characters, the term is and never has been used internally at […]

    The post The DC Extended Universe is Literally a Joke appeared first on Fact Fiend.

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